Diversi-U 2019 - A Resounding Success

Posted by Diversitech News on Nov 12, 2019 4:48:19 PM


Diversi-U 2019 was one of the best to date. With 125 guests from across the globe, including China, Mexico, Canada and the U.S., attendance was doubled from that of previous years. Attendees walked away with new knowledge and connections they can now use to leverage their businesses moving forward.

Highlights of Diversi-U 2019

A two-day, biennial training event, Diversi-U invites dealers and distributors onsite to learn more about Diversitech products, services and how the company can help them drive business. Dealers and staff get the opportunity to finally meet in person and put faces to the names of people they’ve been doing business with on a regular basis.

Attendees also got the chance to learn more about the latest in industry standards and products from a number of guest speakers. Presentation highlights of Diversi-U 2019 include:

  • Combustible Hazards in the Workplace. Michelle Murphy, President and Founder of Mica, gave a compelling talk on combustibles, NFPA standards and the need for prevention in the workplace.
  • Filterhawk Ambient Air Cleaner Demonstration. Jared Simms gave an informative presentation and demonstration of Diversitech’s new Filterhawk Ambient Air Cleaner series.
  • Absolent Equipment Presentation. Both dealers and Diversitech staff received a thorough introduction and education on the new Absolent products during their demonstration.

Speakers openly took questions throughout the presentations, helping to engage the audience and sparking great conversations as a result.

But listening to guest speakers were not the only memorable moments of Diversi-U 2019. Giving guests a chance to network with other professionals in the industry, Monday night’s banquet was yet another highlight of the two-day training event. Dealers, distributors and employees all got to socialize on a personal level, establishing better and more productive work relationships moving forward.

Collaborating for Better Solutions

Diversi-U 2019 also provided a great forum for dealers and distributors to give and receive feedback.

In turn, many of the dealers discovered new tools Diversitech currently offers to help propel their businesses forward. Diversitech’s Dealer Portal, where dealers can manage their accounts, download any product brochures or owner’s manuals they need and get full access to Diversitech’s product image library was a big hit among attendees.

Diversi-U 2019 provided the means to open up lines of communication and collaborate on finding better solutions.

Boosting Business for Dealers

At the end of Diversi-U, dealers walked away with a better understanding of how Diversitech’s machines can effectively create a safer work environment. Seeing the equipment up close and having the opportunity to ask questions increased their knowledge base so they can be certain to sell the right machine for the right applications and feel confident about it.

Having a thorough knowledge of all the equipment opens up many more possibilities and new customers. Dealers and distributors are bound to see a boost in sales after the event.

Without a doubt, Diversi-U 2019 was a resounding success for the company. Dialogue between dealers and staff was not only productive, but helped foster trust and better relationships moving forward. Attendees walked away with not only a positive impression of the event, but of Diversitech, our mission and our products.

If you didn’t make it this year, never fear. Book your calendar for Diversi-U 2021. It promises to be the biggest and best yet.

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