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What is Diversitech’s Turnkey System Design?

The word ‘turnkey’ is used to describe a system which is “complete and ready to operate”; meaning that getting started is as easy as turning a key, like you would to start up a car or open a new door. At Diversitech we pride ourselves on our turnkey system design, which makes getting started with our equipment as easy as possible for our customers. We are able to create these highly intuitive solutions thanks to expertise of our in-house engineering design team.

Here at Diversitech, our turnkey solutions encapsulate not just a single piece of equipment, but an entire network of machines that serves as an effective air pollution capture system for your facility. That includes everything you need to ensure that your equipment is ready to go, from supplemental ductwork to optimize central airflow to system installation on your shop floor. Our goal is to make sure that we provide your facility with everything you need to get started in a snap. Each solution is engineered with your specific facility and daily operations in mind to make sure that we can provide the most effective and sustainable air pollution management system. Let us explain our Engineering Department’s comprehensive turnkey system design process, starting with what happens when you contact Diversitech.


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How Our Custom Turnkey System Design Process Serves You

Our turnkey system design process begins as soon as we receive your initial call. Taking this crucial first step will connect you to an experienced Diversitech Sales Representative who will serve as your liaison along every step of our collaborative design process. We listen to your concerns regarding your facility’s air pollution management and arrange a system evaluation based on the information provided to us.

Next your Sales Representative will provide us with an Engineered Quote Request. This form gives us a broad overview of the processes that take place at your facility so that our in-house Engineering Department can begin developing a suitable custom solution to fully address your concerns. Make sure that you are prepared to provide a comprehensive list of air pollution sources so that we can design the most effective system for your workspace.

Our Engineering Department will then work in tandem with your Diversitech Sales Rep throughout the quote review process. During this step your custom solution is fully developed by our Engineering Department, taking into account your manufacturing processes, applications, and facility dimensions. Your Sales Representative will keep you updated throughout this development stage and provide feedback to the Engineering Department to help finalize the completion of your design.

Once your custom system design has been finalized by the Engineering Department, we manufacture the equipment specified in your order and ship it directly to your facility. Each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing before leaving our production facility, so you can rest assured that only equipment that meets our high quality standards will make its way to your doors.

Upon delivery, either a Diversitech or authorized third party installer will install your brand new turnkey air filtration system at your facility. Additional services that we provide upon installation include a site pre-inspection, system measurement and testing, user orientation and training, and more.

After installation is complete, you’re ready to start using your new air filtration system! As you get to know the daily ins and outs of your new system, our support team is always just a call or email away to answer any of your questions or help troubleshoot your devices.

Our Systems Are Engineered for “Cost-Containment”

One of the key principles that goes into our engineering designs is the idea of “cost-containment”. This means that we do everything we can to eliminate system costs by preventing them from arising in the first place.

The primary way we do this is by utilizing our many “capture-at-source” air filtration technologies, like those equipped in our downdraft tables and booths. These machines utilize a blower motor and dust collection bin to remove particulates from the air as soon as they are generated by grinding, deburring, sanding, and other common finishing operations.

We always ensure that our customers have just the right amount of fume extraction and dust collection equipment to suit their individual facility’s needs. By ensuring that we meet our customers’ needs without upselling them on more powerful equipment, we prevent energy waste and additional startup costs.

Our technologies minimize the use of exhaust fans, which are known to waste energy. We instead utilize ducting systems and dust capture bins to minimize energy waste. This is reflected in our design for concentric airflow patterns in our complete turnkey systems. These concentric airflow systems recycle filtered process air throughout to avoid heat loss and further prevent energy waste.

All in all, our in-house engineering is what allows us to pass on the highest cost savings and the most effective air filtration solutions to our customers. Best of all, our comprehensive systems are ready to start as soon as installation is complete thanks to our turnkey system design.

We can’t wait to design a turnkey air pollution management system for you!


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