Making Connections in Portland, Oregon

Posted by Diversitech News on Oct 27, 2022 8:48:43 AM

pcc-2This past September, teams from both Diversitech and Absolent America traveled across the continent to gather in Portland, Oregon where they participated in three (3) days of organizational and team building sessions, and toured the Portland Community College (PCC) along with the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC).

Portland Community College - A Leader in Manufacturing Education

The teams first headed over to PCC to view a recent installation of Avani products. The largest post-secondary institution in Portland, PCC has over 60,000 part-time and full-time students. With an extensive program in construction, manufacturing tech and transportation, students there can pursue training in aviation maintenance and science, automotive service, building construction or welding among others. PCC offers 17 degrees and certificates in just their welding program alone.

The Diversitech and Absolent teams got to witness the impressive installation of Avani welding booths and fume extractors. Everyone was gratified to learn how happy the community college was with their purchase and how effective the installation has been in providing students with the healthy, clean air environment they need to excel.

OMIC- Industrial and Academic, Manufacturing Research

Next, the teams headed over to OMIC for a tour of the facility. Advancing industry collaboration and research, the OMIC is a group of scientists, engineers, industry leaders and academics coming together to discover innovations in metals manufacturing. Their work takes place in a world-class applied research development facility which our teams got to see firsthand. The OMIC’s goal is to offer solutions to metals and other manufacturing challenges while preparing the industry’s workforce through real-time, on-hands experience.

The OMIC uses a number of Absolent products including our oil mist filters and A-Smart system which allows technicians to monitor air quality and the status of their filters. They have found our products to be essential tools in supporting their testing and keeping systems operational. The OMIC will soon be adding a purchase of Diversitech wet downdraft tables to their facility.

Our teams were not only impressed by the level of professionalism but also by the cleanliness of the OMIC. All in all, it was a great week of team building and discovery in Portland, Oregon.


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