Industry Spotlight: Hazards of Food Industry Particulates

Posted by Diversitech News on Dec 6, 2023 10:31:24 AM

Industry Spotlight: Hazards of Food Industry Particulates (Why Popcorn Lung isn't as Delicious as it Sounds) 

Industrial food production has become one of the largest manufacturing industries in the US, as of September 2023 employing just over 1.7 million people in the US alone, contributing to a global industry that nets over 3.2 trillion dollars annually, making food production one of the largest industries worldwide.

Employees of this industry have in the last decade, begun to see some long-term health effects related to airborne particulates from chemicals and materials utilized in the industry, a problem that if properly managed, can be almost entirely eradicated. These less than savory health issues can range from mildly inflammatory to life-threatening, depending on the type, classification, and amount of particulate exposure, but regardless of severity, knowing they are preventable leaves us with a sour taste.

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