Harness NASA Technology to Remove Toxic Oil, Mist, and Smoke with an Electrostatic Precipitator

Posted by Diversitech News on Apr 9, 2024 2:29:15 PM


For a space mission to Mars, NASA had to come up with a system to manage all the dust on the Red Planet.

That’s right, they get ready to conduct a high-stakes mission that’s literally like 249 million miles away from planet earth and they still have to be concerned about dust particles clogging up their equipment and spacecraft.

In a previous article written on our blog, we talked about this NASA space mission to Mars.

In short, since there is so much dust on the Red Planet, the NASA team was concerned about the accumulation of dust on spacecraft surfaces because this could greatly impact the outcome of missions.

To address this challenge, NASA has engineered an Electrostatic Dust Management (EDM) system, utilizing electrostatic precipitator technology to actively deter and eliminate dust particles from vital surfaces. This innovative approach helps counteract the detrimental effects of dust during space missions, thus enhancing mission success.

Electrostatic precipitation technology, which NASA originally developed for managing dust in space exploration, has also been instrumental in powering industrial dust collector products for decades.

In fact, since Diversitech was established in 1984, the company has effectively utilized this and similar technologies to eliminate hazardous dust, oil, mist, and smoke from various industrial and manufacturing environments. Their solutions cater to industries engaged in welding (including robotic welding), grinding, deburring, laser and plasma cutting, sanding and finishing, painting and coating, soldering and brazing, and numerous other air purification applications.

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Oil Mist, Smoke, Fumes: Risks and Safe Elimination with a Fume Extractor

Posted by Diversitech News on Feb 6, 2024 12:32:59 PM

Professionals working in industrial environments, such as CNC milling, machining and metalworking shops have to be careful.

These and many other industrial work environments produce hazardous substances, including oil mist, smoke, and fumes. These contaminants can seriously harm the health of workers and cause damage to machinery.

An alarming statistic reveals that up to one million workers in the United States encounter hazardous oil mist every day.

We will outline some of the risks of these dangerous airborne fumes and, most importantly, reveal the best fume extractor solutions that safely and effectively remove these toxins. By taking action, industrial companies will meet their goal of manufacturing products while protecting the health and safety of workers, machinery, and facilities.

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