Choosing the Best Welding Fume Extractor for the Job

Posted by Diversitech News on Jan 9, 2024 10:00:53 PM

Choosing the Best Welding Fume Extractor for the Job



Welding fume extractors are critical to the health and safety of welders. That’s why it’s important to choose the best welding fume extractor for the job. What follows is an overview of the various extractors in search of the single best solution for your unique circumstances.

What is Welding

But first, let's take it from the top. Welding is a pivotal fabrication method where materials, often metals or thermoplastics, are joined together through the process of fusion. Welding is commonly used in the manufacturing and construction sectors with the goal of creating strong bonds between materials.

Welding typically entails the strategic application of heat and pressure to induce the melting and fusion of materials, resulting in a cohesive joint. This skill is indispensable in diverse industries, ranging from construction and automotive to aerospace and shipbuilding. Welding is a critical step in building innumerable essential products, like cars, tools, parts, and products human kind cannot live without.

Welding in Antiquity

Fun facts. Did you know that welding, in various forms, has been practiced for thousands of years? In fact, archaeological evidence suggests that ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and the Greeks, used a form of welding to join metals. Copper and bronze were the primary materials during this period.

During the Iron Age (circa 1200 BCE – 500 CE), which has to be every welder’s dream time period, ancient blacksmiths used various forms of heating and hammering to forge and join iron components.

Dangers of Welding Fumes

While it’s true that welding produces products we cannot live without, it’s also true that welding produces hazardous fumes and particles that welders cannot live with.

When metals are welded, they produce harmful gasses, fumes, and sparks. Robotic welding, despite the type of equipment or metal used, creates weld fumes that pose serious health risks. That’s why a welding fume extractor must be as vital as the PPE a welder puts on to do their job.

Health Risks of Welding Gases & Fumes:

There are multiple factors that play into determining the severity risk welders face when doing their job. The level of health risk to workers depends on factors, including:

  • Duration of exposure
  • Welding type 
  • Effectiveness of safety measures 
  • Work environment

Adding to the danger, is the fact that welding gases may not have odor and visibility - making them undetectable to workers.

Heat generated during welding can produce gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and oxides of nitrogen. Coatings or solvents on the metal may also contribute to gas and vapor production. Depending on these factors, the health risks of welding gases and fumes may include:

  • Mild respiratory irritation 
  • Nausea and/or vomiting 
  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Irritated eyes, nose, and throat
  • Chest pain 
  • Respiratory damage
  • Difficulty breathing 
  • Excess fluid in the lungs
  • Lead poisoning 
  • Nervous system damage 

Given the potential health hazards, air filtration and safety protection are crucial when engaging in welding activities, whether manually or through robotic welding processes. That’s why welding fume extractors are in higher demand than ever.

Welding Fume Extractors Solve the Problem

Welding fume extractors play a crucial role in protecting welders from hazardous fumes and dust by efficiently capturing and removing airborne contaminants at the source. These extraction systems are designed to create a cleaner and safer working environment.

Welding fume extractors are positioned near the welding arc or the area where fumes are generated. This placement ensures that the extraction system captures the fumes and other contaminants directly at the source.

How to Choose the Best Welding Fume Extractor for the Job

But wait. Before you go running off to ‘wally world’ for a welding fume extractor, there’s something you should know. Not all welding fume extractors are created equally!

Diversitech's Welding Fume Extractors:

  • Provide great solutions 

  • Comply to regulatory standards 

  • Offer units that are easy to use and service 

  • Design units powerful enough to return truly clean air 

Simply said, Diversitech is a global leader in air pollution solutions and our welding fume extractors are trusted by companies because of their superior quality, function, and effectiveness at filtering out harmful air contaminants and keeping workers safe and healthy.

All you have to determine now is which welding fume extractor is best for the job and job site. There’s a few questions we can pose to help you determine the answer.

Is Your Workspace Mobile?

First off, is your workspace mobile? If so, then a portable fume extractor is the natural solution for you. Diversitech has a range of portable fume extractors you may choose from for a variety of industrial applications, including welding, soldering, grinding, painting, and deburring.

We even build custom mobile welding trailers for community colleges and technical training schools to certify and train welders.

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Is Your Workspace Stationary?

On the other hand, if you have a stationary workspace then you have a variety of welding fume extractor solutions that you may choose from.

  • Downdraft tables

  • Downdraft booths
  • Ducted downdraft tables
  • Environmental booths
  • Robotic cell fume collectors 
  • Welding booths
  • Wall-mounted fume extractors 

The next important factor you must consider is what kind of fumes are produced and the size and scope of the welding job. Taking these factors into consideration, Diversitech has options that suit large and small projects. You should also consider whether the project involves highly toxic or slightly harmful welding materials.

What your specific needs are, you’re sure to find the perfect welding fume extractor for your unique needs.

Shop our welding fume extractors today

Employing a welding fume extractor by Diversitech is the key to significantly reducing exposure to hazardous fumes and dust for welders and companies. Welding fume extractors do more than contribute to compliance with occupational safety regulations, they also promote healthier work environments and protect the long-term respiratory health of welders.

You shouldn’t have to figure out which welding fume extractor is right for your job, on your own. Contact us today to speak with an expert in your area about your specific needs.






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