Michelle Murphy

Michelle Murphy
Michelle is the founder of Mica - providing Proven Strategies for Combustible Dust Hazard Management. Michelle is a chemical engineer, with deep experience applying process safety concepts to avoid catastrophic events. Michelle has worked with companies in chemical, petrochemical, metal, automotive, agricultural, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Avoiding fires and explosions while handling combustible dusts/reactive chemicals requires predicting material behavior under abnormal conditions. Michelle brings process operation knowledge, test data interpretation experience, and hazard identification skills to simplify the process of characterizing, identifying, and reducing the risk of handling hazardous materials.

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Why Do I Need to Conduct a Dust Hazard Analysis?

Posted by Michelle Murphy on Mar 26, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Michelle Murphy  of Mica recently sat down with us to discuss the need for Dust Hazard Analysis.

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